EEBM E9070: Neural Encoding and Computation in Sensory Systems

Lecturer: Professor Aurel A. Lazar
  Office hours: By appointment, Room 819 Schapiro
  E-mail address: aurel "at"
  Class Web Site: Offered by CourseWorks
Day and Time: Mondays, 4:10 PM - 6:00 PM
Class Location: EE Conference Room (1300 Mudd)
Credits for course: 3 points
Prerequisites BMEB W4011 or the instructor's approval
Description: Models of Neural Encoding in Sensory Systems, Models of Visual Receptive Fields, Models of Hearing, Models of Olfactory Systems, Spike Processing in Sensory Systems, Models of Memory.
Required texts: TBA

Homework(s): Reading research papers and book chapters
Paper(s): ---
Project(s) Implementation of both encoding and spike processing in a sensory system in Matlab/Python. (Strongy motivated students with prior background in Neuroscience can request working on an individual project - instructor's approval required.)
Midterm exam: Neural Encoding Project
Final Exam: Spike Processing Project
Grading Classroom participation and projects
Hardware requirements: Laptop for demos
Software requirements: Matlab (student version) or Python