BrainMapsViz Architecture

BrainMapsViz is a suite of state-of-the-art web applications supporting the exploration of the fruit fly brain datasets. The key application underlying BrainMapsViz is NeuroNLP which uses English language queries to visualize fly brain data. A flexible GUI provides additional capability to further refine circuit visualizations. While BrainMapsViz is hosted by FFBO, the NeuroNLP applications can also be hosted locally or on the cloud. BrainMapsViz Code Repository.


NeuroNLP provides interactive visualization of the adult and larva fruit fly connectomics, synaptomics, gene expression and neurophysiology datasets. With NeuroNLP, BrainMapViz supports the in-depth visualization and exploration of 7 different adult and larva datasets obtained from various sources: (i) FlyCircuit Adult Dataset, (ii) Hemibrain Adult Dataset, (iii) L1EM Lava Dataset, (iv) in-vivo Antennal Activity Dataset, (v) Janelia Fly Medulla Dataset, (vi) FlyCircuit GAL4 Expression Dataset and (vii) Hemibrain Expression Dataset.

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