Computational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering Seminars (Archive)

Computational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering Seminars Archive (Spring 2008 - Spring 2013)

    04/05/2013  Nima Mesgarani  Reverse Engineering the Brain Computations Involved in Speech Processing
    12/14/2012  Fabrizio Gabbiani  Neural Computations Underlying Collision Avoidance Behaviors
    04/08/2011  Todd P. Coleman  A Multi-Disciplinary Discussion of Brain-Machine Interfaces
    10/21/2010  Erol Gelenbe  The Random Neural Network Model: Discovery or Invention?
    03/16-17/2010  ColumbiaU - Technion  Workshop on Neuroengineering of Biological Networks
    10/6/2009  Alex G. Dimitrov  Is transformation-invariant object recognition based on locally invariant signal processing?
    3/31/2009  Peng Yin  Information Directed Molecular Technology: Programming Nucleic Acid Self-Assembly
    3/24/2009  Murat Acar  Feedback Regulation and Dosage Compensation in Gene Networks
    7/29/2008  Pradeep Shenoy  Human-aided Computing: Utilizing Implicit Human Processing to Classify Images
    7/14/2008  Eric Pohlmeyer  A brain-machine interface for regaining control of a paralyzed arm
    6/9/2008  Gabriel A. Silva  Mapping the functional connectivity of cellular neural networks
    5/1/2008  Daniel A. Butts  The Importance of Time in Visual Computation
    4/15/2008  Klaus-Robert Mueller  Toward Brain Computer Interfacing
    4/14/2008  Timothy Gardner  The formation of neural circuits and behavior in songbirds
    3/24/2008  Sridevi V. Sarma  Improving Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease Using Feedback Control
    3/10/2008  Marom Bikson  Rational Design of Electrotherapy Devices: Translational Neural Engineering at CCNY BME
    1/25/2008  John G. Harris  Biologically Inspired Sensing and Coding of Signals

Related Seminars Archive (Spring 2008 - Spring 2010)

    04/19-20/2010  NSF Workshop  Hybrid Neuro-Computer Vision Systems
    3/31/2008  Hernando Ombao  Spectral Analysis of Brain Signals
    3/25/2008  Daniel Lee  Biologically Inspired Sensorimotor Processing
    3/13/2008  Luke Theogarajan  Bio-ionic Neural Interfaces

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