Multichannel time encoding and decoding of a signal

Inventors:- A. A. Lazar
Patent Number:- US 7,479,907 B2 , Date of Patent 20 January, 2009
Application Number:- 11/965,337 , Filing Date:- 27 December, 2007
Keywords :- sampling , time encoding , time decoding , multichannel encoding
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Analog signals can be fully encoded as an asynchronous time sequence generated by a time encoding machine. With knowledge of the parameters of the time encoding machine, the asynchronous time sequence can be decoded using a non-linear time decoding machine. Such a system can be extended into an encoder/decoder in which a signal is processed in M separate channels. An input signal is applied to the encoder where the signal is provided to an M channel encoder circuit including a filter bank having a total bandwidth partitioned among M adjacent or overlapping filters. Each of the M filters are coupled to a corresponding one of M time encoding machines. The encoder output is represented by M sets of time encoded trigger values. The input signal can be recovered from the M sets of time encoded trigger values by applying the trigger signals to a corresponding M channel decoder which includes M TDMs and filters. The TDMs recover the continuous signal from each channel. The filter outputs xm are then amplitude scaled sm and are combined to recover the input signal. By partitioning the signal bandwidth into M channels, the average pulse rate from each TDM is substantially reduced.