Building Interactive Computing Tools for the Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

Projects Description

You will be part of the Bionet group's efforts to build FlyBrainLab, an interactive computing platform for studying the functional logic of fruit fly brain circuits. Your main projects will involve developing NeuroMynerva widgets/extensions, creating APIs for widget-backend communication, and potentially working on the FlyBrainLab backend.

For NeuroMynerva, you will design and implement custom widgets and extensions that enhance the visualization, analysis, and manipulation of fruit fly brain datasets. These additions will improve the overall functionality and interactivity of the FlyBrainLab platform.

The API development project focuses on establishing smooth communication between the widgets/extensions and the backend components. You will create APIs that enable data and command exchange, ensuring seamless integration between the widgets and the NeuroArch database, Neurokernel execution engine, and other backend elements.

Throughout your projects, you will collaborate closely with the Bionet group, receiving guidance and feedback to ensure the successful development of the FlyBrainLab platform architecture. All projects are offered as a course of 3.0+ credits (such as E6001 - Advanced Projects, or E4998 - Intermediate Projects).


  • Extensive practical experience with (1) Python and JavaScript, or (2) Python and working with databases.
  • Knowledge of npm, yarn and other package managers, practical experience with TypeScript and Full-stack development are a big plus.
  • Background in computing with brain circuits (e.g., ECBM E4070/6070 or equivalent) is a plus.

How to Apply

Please send the following to Prof. Aurel A. Lazar:

  • CV/Resume
  • Code samples, Github repositories of related previous work if possible.

We strongly encourage applications from women, racial and ethnic minorities, and other individuals who are under-represented in science and engineering.

If you have any questions, please send inquiries to the above email address.

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