A. A. Lazar
A Simple Model of Spike Processing
BNET Technical Report #2-05 , April 2005
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We describe a simple model of spike processing build upon a number of neural hardware primitives including integrate-and-fire neurons, passive dendritic trees, simple integrators, inhibition logic and one-to-many axonal/dendritic tree connectivity. Functionally, our model of spike processing consists of neuro-modulators, communication channels, neuro-demodulators and filters. Integrate-and-fire neurons play the role of neuro-modulators. They represent dendritic currents in the spike domain through a process of reversible computation (non-linear modulation). Communication channels model axons. Irreversible computation takes place, at least in part, in dendritic trees as time domain linear and/or non-linear operations. Assuming that the stimulus at the input of an integrate-and-fire sensory neuron is bandlimited, we demonstrate how to construct a linear operator that maps an arbitrary stimulus into a desired neuronal signal.


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