Publications with the keyword "time decoding"

A. A. Lazar
Population Encoding with Hodgkin-Huxley Neurons
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory , Volume 56 , Number 2 , pp. 821-837 , February 2010 , Special Issue on Molecular Biology and Neuroscience
Keywords:- hodgkin–huxley neurons   input–output (i/o) equivalence   neural encoding   population encoding   reproducing kernel hilbert spaces   splines   stimulus reconstruction   time encoding   time decoding
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A. A. Lazar and L. T. Toth
Perfect Recovery and Sensitivity Analysis of Time Encoded Bandlimited Signals
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I: Regular Papers , Volume 51 , Number 10 , pp. 2060-2073 , October 2004
Keywords:- time encoding   integrate   fire neurons   frames   time decoding
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