Building Interactive Computing Tools for the Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

Within the Fruit Fly Brain Observatory (FFBO) open collaborative ecosystem, we are developing interactive computing tools for the exploration and visualization of fruit fly brain datasets with BrainMapsViz and for the interactive exploration of the functional logic of executable circuit models with FlyBrainLab.


BrainMapsViz is a suite of state-of-the-art web applications supporting the exploration of the fruit fly brain datasets. It is equipped with a powerful natural language query interface. By specifying in plain English, cell types, synaptic distribution, pre- and post-synaptic partners, neurotransmitter types, etc., neurons and synapses in the datasets can be visualized. A Graph View provides 2D graph visualizations of all neurons, cell-types and their connections. A Gene Match supports the loading of genetic lines and finding matches between neurons and lines.


FlyBrainLab is an interactive computing platform for studying the function of executable circuits constructed from fly brain data. It is an open-source, full-stack computing platform for accelerating the discovery of the functional logic of the fruit fly brain. FlyBrainLab provides a complete programming environment that supports the visualization of any brain circuit and the creation of circuit diagrams that can be immediately compiled for program execution, thus facilitating the construction, comparison and validation of executable brain circuit models.

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