Building Interactive Computing Tools for the Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

The Fruit Fly Brain Observatory (FFBO) is an open collaborative ecosystem. FFBO standardizes tools for the representation of fruit fly brain data and its abstractions, and creates a focus for the neuroscience community with interests in the emulation and biological validation of fruit fly brain models in health and disease. The FFBO encourages the sharing of fruit fly brain structural data and executable code worldwide.

FlyBrainLab: An Interactive Computing Platform

An one-stop interactive computing platform for studying the function of executable circuits constructed from fly brain data. The FlyBrainLab is build upon

NeuroArch:a single database that integrates anatomical, genetic, neurophysiological data with computational models, providing location, morphology, connectivity and biophysical models of every neuron.
Neurokernel:a platform for the emulation of fruit fly brain circuits and their execution on GPUs.
NeuroMynerva:an interactive computing interface based on JupyterLab with a suite of highly integrated, user-friendly applications for data query, visualization and circuit execution.

FFBO Standalone Tools/Applications

NeuroNLP:seamlessly integrates structural and genetic data from multiple sources that can be intuitively queried, effectively visualized and extensively manipulated.
NeuroGFX:creates executable brain circuit models anchored in structural data for understanding and developing novel hypotheses about brain function.

The Bionet Group is supported by grants from


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